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Marula Lodge is situated just south of the Limpopo River, which is the border between Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa. The lodge is on one of the main roads from Cape town to Messina, 11km north of Alldays.

The fauna and flora of the area are very diverse and house many species of both kinds. The game ranch supports 23 species of plainsgame and 280 species of birds. It is very representative of the various varieties of flora found in the region. The game are in a separate, fenced part of the ranch and are not troubled by day to living, but are only visited on foot, horseback and vehicles specially built for game drives.

Photographic Safari Tour Plan

Four days at Marula Lodge, the remainder of 4-10 days at various venues in South Africa, depending on the preferences of clients. The rest of South Africa can be incorporated at the best competitive prices, because we want people to be able to say, "We cannot afford not to go!" This will enable groups of people to savour Africa, travelling, sightseeing, coming into contact with the diversity and variety of people and cultures in this rainbow nation. After going to all the expenses of getting here, the visit must be rewarding. The ideal would be to take the maximum 4 (rather 6) - maximum 8 people on a trip.

Minimum 4 persons:

  • Marula Lodge - US$ 110 per person per day
  • Kruger National Park US$ 170 per person per day.

6-8 persons:

  • Marula Lodge - US$ 100 per person per day
  • Kruger National Park US$ 150 per person per day.

Daily rate for any other excursions would be agreed upon by guests and Marula Lodge. All contracted activities by above parties will be the best possible value for money and enjoyment.

All daily rates include the following:

  • Meals
  • Marula Lodge - Brunch and Dinner
  • Kruger National Park - 1 x meal (Dinner)
  • Other venues - all meals.
  • All transport

People entering South, especially in the summer months, should remember to take Malaria prophylactics. Please consult your own medical doctor concerning these prophylactics, because the north-eastern part of South Africa is a Malaria area.
We advise that guests visit between March and September, which is best for outdoor activities, although visitors are welcome all year round. Sunscreen is important.
Clothing: Made from cotton or cotton/polyester fibre is better than synthetics, as it is sometimes unusually fairly hot during the day. Comfortable clothing and shoes are essential according to the list suggested.
All clients will be asked upon arrival to sign an indemnity form.
The staff at Marula Lodge will make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

The following options are available:

A - At Marula Lodge:

  • Hikes - 23 species of game, 280 species of trees and shrubs
  • Night drives for really seeing African animals, i.e. Aardvark, owls, etc.
  • Game drives - at dusk or dawn
  • Watch a bushveld sunset and enjoy a sundowner after a busy day.
  • Picnic at the Limpopo River under Mashatu trees amongst elephants
  • Explore the bush from bikes, and walking.
  • All activities are led by guides.

B - After Four Days:

En route from Marula Lodge to the Kruger National Park, we will pass through beautiful scenic areas, arriving in the central section of the Kruger National Park, which has an abundance of game.
Upon leaving the Kruger National Park at the end of our contracted period, we will once again pass beautiful scenic areas heading for Johannesburg or whichever venue contracted.

C - Ten Day Tour:

This can be structured to meet clients custom needs as per pre-contracted agreement between parties. In case of any other needs or enquiries, please do not hesitate to call or fax us.

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